Special tools

tl_files/template-dateien/produkte/sonderwerkzeuge.html.pngFor your applications and materials to be processed, we have a multitude of special tools, like drills with countersink, on offer. They are all focussed on perfect solutions, i.e. you always get an optimised tool for your particular application from us.

For you, we compose a variety of different bonds and granulations suitable for the material to be processed. All this is based on 30 years experience in the field of diamond tool manufacture. The development of a special tool is according to the specifications of our customers. To do so, we can either cooperate with you or manufacture a tool according to our experiences.

With us, you enjoy a nearly unlimited range of special versions of tools which are ideally suited for your applications, that means for you:

  • all grain sizes are possible
  • all bonds (from hard to soft) for different materials
  • bore depths up to 300mm ( technically dependent on the Ø of the drill)
  • all drill diameters and intermediate diameters available
  • variable wall thicknesses and crown heights
  • tools can be manufactured with or without slots for coolant
  • connections according to your specifications
  • all standard profiles for grinding wheels but also special profiles suitable for the processing of display glass
  • for grinding wheels, many different widths of the coatings and heights are available
  • special version developed according to your specifications or according to our experiences, for all scopes of application
  • you have the choice between conventional tools and ultrasonic tools
  • many different geometries are available
  • galvanic tools, either coated or with passages

If interested in our tools like electroplated diamond tools, please contact us at phone: +495532 - 501996-0 or through our contact form.