Diamond tools - automotive sector

Diamantwerkzeuge für Automotive

Diamond tools for the automotive sector place high demands on the quality of the individual tools. Individual solutions have to be developed especially for the many different materials to be processed. Our diamond tools are specially made for these applications to process materials such as ceramics, hard metals, composite materials, glass / safety glasses and plastics. Our product range includes a variety of diamond tools for the area grinding and drilling, as well as special designs according to drawings or our in-house developments in cooperation with our customers to their special applications.

Use of our diamond tools in the automotive sector

  • Diamond tools for glass, safety glass, ceramics, hard metals, CFRP and GFRP.
  • Grinding wheels for edge processing
  • Single-part and serial production
  • Diamond tools with different bond variants

Our product range

Monoblock drilling / countersinking combinations for side windows
Grinding wheels for edge processing
Polishing wheels
Diamond hollow drill for glass / ceramic / LSG
CBN drill
CBN grinding wheels
Galv. Diamond hollow drill
Galv. Micro drill
Galv. grinding and cutting discs
Sortiment unserer Diamantwerkzeuge

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