Diamond tools for ceramic and glass processing

Diamond tool for ceramic and glass processing

Our customers come from the glass and ceramics industry, the watch industry, dental and medical technology, the automotive industry, and aerospace.

The product portfolio ranges from ceramic and glass milling cutters, to diamond grinding wheels, glass drills and drill / countersink combinations for use in glass, solar glass, automotive, ceramic and sapphire processing.

Whether single-part or serial production, we are the right partner for your project.

In addition to short delivery times, our strengths are the development of diamond and CBN tools for special applications, specially tailored to customer’s requirements with regard to surface quality, tool life, drilling and grinding behavior.

Solutions for all areas of application

Materials that can be processed with our diamond and CBN tools:

  • Ceramics
  • Quartz glass
  • Float glass
  • Glasses for the optical area
  • Boron carbides
  • Carbon
  • Dental ceramics
  • Silicon
  • Hard metals
  • and much more

With our many years of experience in diamond tool manufacturing, we offer solutions for all areas of application for our diamond tools. Glass drills are available from Ø 3mm in all diameters and intermediate diameters. Depending on the technical feasibility, many different drilling depths, wall thicknesses, grain sizes and bonds for all materials are possible, as well as connections from R1/2“ up to hydraulic expansion connection.

With diamond core bits you can choose between outer diameter or inner diameter for boreholes in order to achieve the desired dimensions and dimensional tolerances.

Our diamond grinding wheels for ceramic and glass processing are manufactured in metal and resin bonds, with a wide variety of diameters and profiles.

Our range of sintered diamond tools for ceramic and glass processing

Glass drill (diamond hollow drill) from Ø 3mm - Ø 200mm, larger diameters on request
Ceramic drills from Ø 3mm - Ø 200mm, larger diameters on request
Drill / countersink combinations from Ø 3mm - Ø 200mm, larger diameters on request
Drill / countersink combinations for deep countersinking from Ø 3mm - Ø 200mm
Monoblock - drill / countersink combinations especially for solar glass of Ø 3mm - Ø 200mm or on request with larger diameters
Diamond grinding wheels in metal bond or resin bond with profiles for C-edge, trapezoid or straight edge, on request also with special profiles
Galvanic profile grinding wheels with special profiles
Special drills for sapphire
Cutting discs for glass and ceramics from Ø 50mm - Ø 500mm
Glass milling cutters (end milling cutters) segmented with internal cooling
Special tools for special customer requirements

Our complete range of tools for ceramic and glass processing can be found in our catalog.

Our tool service

Production stop due to a missing tool….?
This cannot happen with our Tool Shop!

  • simple tool management
  • efficient tool storage
  • permanently available tools
  • less storage effort
  • automatic tool ordering system

Our service

  • Development of special tools.
  • Delivery of conventional and ultrasonic compatible CBN diamond tools
  • Complete solutions => tools => machine tools => workflows
  • Project support
  • Constant further developments
  • 100% inspection of every tool
  • Tool repair
  • very short delivery times

For further information or questions about our glass milling cutters or other tools, please contact us directly.