Company History

2018 / 2019

In 2018 the sales team in southern Germany and Austria was expanded. Patents have been registered and granted. In the area of ​​ultrasonic diamond tools, production was expanded and a new product range was developed. The production line for the production of resin-bond materials was expanded.

2012 - 2017

The third company building has now been expanded. The application technology is constantly updated and expanded. In addition, the first tool shop systems were installed and have since been working to the full satisfaction of the users.

2010 until today

Various research projects are carried out in close cooperation with technical colleges and universities. The goal is the constant expansion and improvement of machining processes with our tools. The new findings are particularly important in the area of ​​new materials and composites as well as ultrasonic applications for dental and medical technology.


Despite the global economic crisis, SCHOTT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH managed to continue on its growth path. In this way, further sales areas were opened up and supplied with our products. These are Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Israel, China, India, Japan and the USA.


In 2008 a third large neighboring building was acquired as an additional production facility. In the meantime, the operating area and the number of employees have more than doubled.
The company SCHOTT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH manufactures in the highest quality and mainly according to customer requirements for the glass, ceramic, rock, metal and plastic processing as well as the optical industry.

This means that not pre-made standard products are offered, but rather according to the needs of the customer:

  • materials to be machined
  • machines used
  • Type and consistency of the coolant
  • Manufacturing goals

the precisely fitting diamond tool is specially manufactured in order to achieve the best possible quality and therefore a very good price-performance ratio.


In 2007, due to increasing demand, the company was relocated to two large neighboring production facilities within the municipality of Stadtoldendorf. In addition to the individual production of galvanic and sintered diamond tools, this also made it possible to introduce a limited series production.


In 2005, Burghard Lein took over the company as sole owner and managing director after the tragic and sudden death of the company's founder, Klaus Schott.


In 2000, the long-time employee Burghard Lein was accepted as a second shareholder in the company. The sole proprietorship Klaus Schott thus became SCHOTT Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH based in Stadtoldendorf.


In 1975 Klaus Schott became a self-employed sales representative in Stadtoldendorf and supplied the glass industry with diamond tools. In addition to trading in glass processing products, Klaus Schott himself made his own products to meet the needs of his domestic customers in the glass industry.

As the grandson of the well-known Dr. Otto Schott he had a family connection to the glass industry from his childhood.
His father, brothers and himself worked for the internationally known Schott AG. During this time he acquired the basic qualifications and skills in the field of glass processing.