Dental tools for laboratories / dentists – diamond tools for medical technology

Diamond tool for dental technology in use

Industrial manufacturing in dentistry continues to develop. To meet these increasing requirements we as well realized further developments in our tools for the dental and medical sector.

Our large range of dental tools includes various galv. grinding tools and dental drills. The application areas for our dental tools are almost unlimited.

The use of ultrasonic machines with integrated tool magazines has made industrial production an important economic factor. Enormous time savings through automatic tool changes with our high-precision diamond and CBN tools enable the production of entire components for the medical / dental industry with absolute precision and the shortest possible machining time.

With us, dental tools can freely choose the connection for every geometry and shape, both for shrinking technology and clamping shanks with diameters as desired.

You can buy your dental tool from us as a single-part or as a serial production. Our dental drills and milling cutters can be manufactured with different grain sizes.

Our tool service

Production stop due to a missing tool….?
This cannot happen with our ToolShop!

  • simple tool management
  • efficient tool storage
  • Permanently available tools
  • less storage effort
  • automatic tool ordering system

Our service

  • Development of special tools.
  • Delivery of conventional and ultrasonic compatible CBN diamond tools
  • Complete solutions => tools => machine tools => workflows
  • Project support
  • Constant further developments
  • 100% inspection of every tool
  • Tool repair
  • very short delivery times

For further information or questions about our dental tools or other tools, please contact us directly.