Micro drills for dentists and dental laboratories

Our micro drills / milling cutters can be used conventionally, but offer completely new applications, particularly in the field of ultrasonic processing. By their special chemical composition, the galvanic micro drills and milling cutters can withstand the additionally generated oscillating movement kinematics of the Ultrasonic in axial direction.

This makes the processing of extremely brittle hard materials possible. In addition, there is up to 5 times higher productivity due to the ultrasonic overlay of the rotating tool compared to conventional machining processes. The surface qualities are finer than with conventional processing of the materials.

Micro drills have very thin walls, which significantly reduces the drilling pressure in use. We manufacture these drills with a wide variety of connectors, such as ER connectors, with clamping shanks or R1/2“ connectors.
We produce micro drills and milling cutters from Ø outside 0.3mm upwards in any desired diameter. We manufacture according to customer’s requirements or develop our own tools. We adapt each tool to your area of ​​application and select diamond grains separately depending on the application. We research together with universities and colleges on new solutions for processing high-tech materials.

As a manufacturer of galvanically interspersed micro drills and milling cutters, galvanically interspersed mounted points, we guarantee you the fastest delivery times and consistently high quality. We only produce in our factories in Stadtoldendorf, Germany / Lower Saxony.

Our service

  • Development of special tools.
  • Tool repair
  • very short delivery times
  • Project support
  • Constant further developments
  • 100% control of every tool
  • Delivery of conventional and ultrasonic compatible CBN diamond tools
  • Complete solutions => tools => machine tools => workflows

For further information or questions about our micro drills or other tools, please contact us directly.