Diamond tools for brittle hard material processing

Processing ultra-hard materials requires innovative solutions.

One of our core competences is the production of galvanically interspersed diamond and CBN tools for the ultrasonic processing of brittle hard materials.

Ultrasonic processing

In the case of ultrasonic processing, the classic manufacturing processes (drilling, milling, etc.) are brought together with the ultrasonic technology. The results are less tool wear, lower processing forces, better machinability and a higher surface quality.

Our ultrasonic tools for ultrasonic drilling, ultrasonic grinding and ultrasonic milling are, due to their technical properties, the solution for the ultrasonic processing of brittle hard materials. The bond hardness, the material of the bond matrix, the grain quality and the diamond concentration are designed so that they can withstand the additionally generated oscillating movement kinematics when using ultrasound.

Advantages of ultrasonic tools

Ultrasonic technology offers advantages compared to conventional technology:

  • Up to 5 times higher productivity through the use of ultrasound
  • Increase of durability of a galvanic tool by a factor of two
  • Reaching surface qualities of less than Ra = 0.2µ
  • Reduction of the cutting pressure due to smaller wall thicknesses
  • good re-sharpening effect

Possible materials for ultrasonic processing

A large number of high-tech products are processed today with our high-tech diamond tools. Our diamond tools are used in a wide variety of industries, such as the watch industry, dental medical technology, automotive, aerospace, glass-ceramic industries and university and college research.

By our large variety of ultrasonic tools, such as ultrasonic drills, especially micro drills, the following materials can be processed:

  • Quartz glass
  • Float glass
  • Glasses for the optical area
  • Ceramics
  • Boron carbides
  • Carbon
  • Dental ceramic
  • Silicon
  • Silicon carbides
  • Titanium / steels
  • Ferrites
  • Hard metals
  • Composites
  • Zirconium oxides
  • and many more

Our tool service

Production stop due to a missing tool….?
This cannot happen with our Tool Shop!

  • simple tool management
  • efficient tool storage
  • permanently available tools
  • less storage effort
  • automatic tool ordering system

Our service

  • Development of special tools.
  • Delivery of conventional and ultrasonic compatible CBN diamond tools
  • Complete solutions => tools => machine tools => workflows
  • Project support
  • Constant further developments
  • 100% inspection of every tool
  • Hollow glass drills and other tools for the highest quality standards
  • Tool repair
  • very short delivery times

For further information or questions about ultrasonic processing or other tools, please contact us directly.