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Sintered diamond tools for glass- and ceramics processingBohr-, Schleif und Senkwerkzeuge

  • conventional drilling/lowering tools and grinding tools
  • high quality drills and also cutters for glass and ceramics
  • special tools for various applications
  • tools made-to-measure according to customer’s specifications
  • in-house tool development for customer’s projects

Sintered diamond tools, like hollow drills, ceramic drills or glass drills, for the processing of glass and ceramic materials are manufactured for conventional applications. Our range of products comprises of ceramic drills and glass drills, but also of cutters for glass and drill/countersinking drill combinations for applications in the processing of glass, solar glasses, automotive industry, ceramics, and sapphire processing. Apart from short delivery times, our strength is focussed on optimal development of our diamond drilling tools, made to measure according to customer requirements in respect to surface quality, endurance and drilling/milling behaviours. We manufacture our hollow drills for glass, diamond grinding wheels, drill/countersinking drill combinations and glass cutters individually, but also in series production.

Because of many years experience in the manufacture of diamond tools we offer solutions for all scopes of application. Glass drills are available in diameters from 3mm onward, all other diameters and intermediate diameters are also available. Many different bore depths, wall thicknesses, grain sizes and bonds for all sorts of materials are possible, depending on the technical scope. This also applies for connections from R1/2“ to the Hydrodehn connection. For diamond bore crowns, you have the choice between external diameter or internal diameter for core drillings in order to achieve the desired dimensions and dimensional tolerances.

2 AufstecksenkerOur diamond grinding wheels are manufactured in many different diameters and profiles with metal bond and also with artificial resin bond. Grinding wheels with special profiles are also available on request. We also have a section for the development of special tools. Together with our customers or according to our experiences we develop special tools in order to ensure that our customers get the optimised tools for their applications.

If interested, please contact us at phone: +495532 - 501996-0 or through our contact form.


Our range of tools for the processing of glass / ceramic materials comprises:

  • glass drills (diamond hollow drills) from Ø3mm – Ø100mm, larger diameters on request
  • ceramic drills materials from Ø3mm – Ø100mm, larger diameters on request
  • drill/countersinking drill combinations from Ø 3mm – Ø100mm, larger diameters on request
  • drill/countersinking drill combinations for deep countersinking from Ø3mm – Ø100mm
  • monobloc – drill/countersinking drill combinations, especially suitable for solar glasses,from Ø3mm – Ø100mm, larger diameters on request.
  • diamond grinding wheels with metal bond/artificial resin bond with profiles for C-chamfers,trapezium-shaped or straight edge, special profiles on request
  • galvanic profile cutting-off wheels with special profiles
  • core drills
  • special hollow drills for sapphire
  • cutting-off wheels for glass and ceramic materials from Ø 50mm – Ø500mm
  • milling cutters for glass (finger cutters) segmented with internal cooling
  • tools made to measure according to customer’s specifications

If interested, please contact us at phone: +495532 - 501996-0 or through our contact form.

tl_files/template-dateien/produkte/fraeser.jpgThe company of Schott-Diamantwerkzeuge has specialized itself in a large sector in the field of diamond drilling tools. We have a standard range of hollow drills, like glass drills and ceramic drills with lengths up to 75mm, but there are also specially designed drills which, according to the diameter, can be used for bores of depths up to 300mm.

The shape of the connections but also the diamond bore crowns and the wall thickness, height, Ø and composition can perfectly be adapted to the appropriate employment conditions.Our tools can be manufactured with bores for coolants and slots, but also without.

Diamond grinding wheels are manufactured in all current versions, and also in special profiles. Core drills can be made in all required diameters, graduations and with internal cooling. Special tools will especially be developed according to our experiences.

If interested, please contact us at phone: +495532 - 501996-0 or through our contact form.